Where is the WSF?

por Damien Hazard e Mauri Cruz

Damien é diretor executivo da Associação Brasileira de Organizações não Governamentais – Abong e Mauri Cruz é diretor estadual da Abong no Rio Grande do Sul

The fact is that the FSM remains in the mouth and in the minds of social movements from all over the planet. Its course raises questions and debates but also criticism, including from intellectuals and activists nostalgicof the first forums or skeptical about the WSF'sability to reframe itselfin the new global environment.

From rhetoric to action: challenges and opportunities for civil society in the post-2015 agenda

por Alessandra Nilo

Coordinator of the NGO Gestos HIV - Communication and Gender, Co-director of ABONG - and member of the high-level Working Group of the CIPD.

The task presented and adopted by governments for the next few years is far from simple and poses enormous challenges for civil society, which has worked to influence this agenda, both at the political level with governments, and through its participation in various forms of consultations devised by the United Nations.



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Beyond 2015