Towards a regional autonomous fund for gender equality

por Lucy Garrido

Feminist Articulation MARCOSUR.

In short, we are inviting you to build an autonomous and sustainable fund, with basic contributions from public companies operating in our region, governments and international cooperation, to finance empowerment and autonomy of women. The aim is to deepen democracy, effectuate human rights, and promote equality and intercultural dialogue as one of the structural axes of the politics of Latin American and Caribbean regional integration.

Indonesian reflections on civil society in China

por Nikmah

Project Officer at INFID.

A distinctive feature that sets Indonesia apart from China is the political system. Since 1998 Indonesia has installed a democratic government directly elected by the people. The government also allows the freedom of association and expression. Civil society has the freedom to criticize flawed public policies. China however seems to show a different story.




Beyond 2015